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Andrew Hill

Since 2015, I’ve been helping clients to achieve their body goals by developing sustainable programs designed around my client’s busy lifestyles. I have discovered that the key to weight management and sustainable weight loss is to improve our relationship with food and fitness and ourselves as well as develop better eating habits, food choices and developing a more active lifestyle.

Unlike a lot of personal trainers, I know what it’s like to be obese and to be dangerously underweight. I know what you are going through and I’ve learned how to simplify weight management by building better eating habits and improving our relationship with ourselves!

Andrew Hill Personal Training has been working with clients since 2015 and has over 100+ success stories, reviews, testimonials and references that we are so excited to share.

Andrew started out as an overweight teenager, whose weight in stones and pounds was greater than his age. He spent many years learning about his body to understand fat loss, fitness and nutrition. Entering adulthood, Andrew committed himself to helping his community, engaging in multiple charities and constantly being drawn back to those requesting help with their health, weight and body confidence.

In 2015, Andrew Hill started his career as a fitness professional and has since gone on to build AltSport, Leicester Active CIC, FatProject and Andrew Hill Personal Training; all of these businesses are concerned with eliminating poor self-esteem, alleviating food poverty and creating opportunities for children and adults to take part in sports and fitness activities.

After taking a break to focus on studies, Andrew Hill completed his education with a bachelors degree and masters degree in related fields, education he now uses to supercharge the service he offers to clients.

Andrew Hill Personal Training works closely with healthcare professionals, nutrition therapists, counsellors, massage therapists, beauticians, hair salons and more to offer you an end-to-end personal care and fitness service. Your one stop shop for all things you.

Training in gyms, online, in the Workplace and at home

bringing the workout to you

I’ve been around a bit. I’ve worked in several gyms throughout Leicestershire and currently spend my days PTing out of The Gym on Aylestone Road. Being a 24 hour gym, I’m really able to work around the busy lifestyles of my clients but I also offer a range of formats from one-to-one and small group training to online, remote training. I can even bring the gym to you and train you at home.

the path to lasting success

Customised Training

Our training programs are designed around you. No two programs are the same and incorporate three key principles: Food, Fitness and Self-Relationship.

Nutrition Planing

As a RSPH Level 4 Nutrition Certified personal trainer, we know that nutrition planning is key to help you manage your weight and fuel your lifestyle.

Motivation and support

Accountability and ongoing coaching is critical to sustainable achievement. You're not in this alone and me and my team are here to help you every step of the way!

On-Going Education

There is so much bad information about nutrition, food and fitness that you need an expert to help you navigate the troves of conflicting information available.

It's more than just fitness coaching

A personal trainer is so much more than a fitness coach. We do so much more, from teaching you how to exercise safely and helping you to achieve your goal and in between, we're your emotional support, your lifestyle coach, your habit builder, your therapist and your friend. We are here for you whether it's giving you a kick up the rear when you're feeling demotivated or to encourage you when you're struggling, to praise you when you achieve your goals and to hold you accountable when things go wrong.

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